Has Kanye West proved Da Vinci wrong?

Has Kanye 2s

Leonardo Da Vinci once quipped “Art is never finished, only abandoned” but has Kanye West’s latest LP and the internet age helped defy that?

The digital cogs of an album release can be generated from a laptop in your PJs rather than going through the traditional means of shipping, manufacturing and distribution. With this, of course the game has changed. Surprise releases have become the norm proceeding to artists of a certain caliber. So no doubt Kanye West’s received that same ‘out of the blue’ treatment. However, the pushing, the pulling, the teasing, the constant fixing in its wake has just got irritating.

For somebody who labelled the new effort as “the best album of all time”, before going on to change it several times doesn’t suggest there’s the certainty within him which a statement such as this requires to deliver convincingly. With Kanye it’s a constant contradiction. It’s a wonder how he ever settled on baby names – which could of done with a little more editing.