Moonshake XI: Time

Moonshake XI: Time (Part I): Whether it’s tick-tocking or beepadeebeeping time is always trudging alongside us through our days on this strange rotating sphere we call earth. Sean, Rich, Ryan and Aaron discuss this spinning perplexity in the only way they know best – through music. Tune in to hear songs which tackle the mysticism of time, a stunning fact from Stephen Hawking and a very creepy tune from Father John Misty.

Part II on Tuesday. Do tune in right here:

Picking up from where they left off Sean, Richard, Ryan and Aaron continue their chatter on the tick tock, discuss the new Rihanna album, Iggy Pop’s new album and the battle between the streaming service giants. Do tune in…

Moonshake Episode VIII: 2016 Man!

The first Moonshake show of 2016 is live! Sean, Rich, Ryan and special guest Aaron chin wag over the hopes, dreams and new album releases of 2016. Aaron needs a new hairstyle, Richard gets some interview tips from Father John Misty and Ryan has a secret about Batman…all between fantastic tunes of course. Do tune in below.

There are a few nods to the Starman in here, but do be sure to tune back in next week for a complete Bowie special! You can find Episodes I-VII here.

Moonshake Episode VIII – 2016 Man! by Moonshakemusic on Mixcloud

Lyricscapes #6

Father John Misty – Only Son of the Ladies’ Man from Fear Fun

You may be aware of this sassy word-smith by now, he released a terrific album called I Love You, Honeybear earlier this year to bubbling hype then unanimous praise, but his debut album Fear Fun was the one which kicked off all the fuss. After being the drummer in Fleet Foxes and releasing a series of solo albums as J Tillman, he decided to stray from his usual style of songs which he called ‘dungeons and dragons music,’ when he realised it wasn’t going down as well as the onstage banter. Instead Tillman channelled his sharp wit into songwriting, he gave himself a new name, moved to Hollywood and got himself a band which resulted in the pychedelic-folk-rock of Fear Fun.

This three-chord ballad sat in the middle of his songwriting reawakening as Father John Misty. It carves the tale of ‘the ladies’ man’ from the perspective of his single accidental offspring, who has developed the same charming traits. Alongside his story, the lyrics paint a vivid picture of Hollywood which had a part in kicking off the rejuvenated spark in Tillman’s songwriting; that excitement is prevalent in this tune. You can listen to this track on Fear Fun but his performance of it on The David Letterman Show projects the real spirit of Father John Misty. If you wondered where Alex Turner got his hip-shaking sass from then check out the crash-course below.

Lyrical Highlight: “Cowboy and the Cop shot down the ladies’ man/ the humid nights in LA are now silent”

Father John Misty is waking up our culture man

Moonshake on Lauren Laverne’s Biorhythms

I was on Lauren Laverne’s Biorhythms yesterday on BBC 6 Music, you’ll be able to hear me chatting to Lauren and my choices from about 42 minutes in on BBC iPlayer. Check out my selection and thoughts on them below:

Physical – David Bowie ‘TVC15′ 

I discovered Bowie properly a few years ago, like many before me I went back and explored his entire back catalogue. I found this catchy number sticking out like a mexican jumping bean on ‘Station To Station,’ which was the album he made before he went down that Berlin rabbit hole. It’s got an irresistible hook and jangly groove that makes you want to dance, he opened his Live Aid set at Wembley with this, the energy in that stadium conjured from this song still vibrates through your laptop 30 years later. This was turned up to 11 when I handed in my dissertation about this time last year. I loved it even more when I found out it was inspired by a hallucinogenic trip experienced by Iggy Pop, where he witnessed a television set eating his Girlfriend. What a great thing to dance about…