The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come To Expect

The Last Shadow Puppets started as an experiment which became critically lauded, mercury nominated and celebrated all the way back in 2008. Alex Turner had two albums under his belt with Arctic Monkeys whilst Miles Kane hadn’t even released his debut album with The Rascals yet. Now in 2016 with their second LP Everything You’ve Come To Expect things are very different, Turner has fronted the biggest band in Britain for a further 3 successful albums – the last of which became an instant classic, whilst Kane has released 2 strong solo albums and has developed his own fan base as a solo outfit. So how do these factors reflect on this album? Where do we find the twosome this time? In Malibu at Rick Rubin’s Shangri-La studios of course with James Ford twiddling knobs and Owen Pallett orchestrating the string arrangements. A promising set up but what’s the outcome?