OneTwoWeekly#1 Kendrick Lamar – TPAB Medley

“My biggest pain in life is that I’ll never get to see myself perform live” – Kanye West

Welcome to the new OneTwoWeekly feature! We’re going to be uploading our favorite live performances for y’all to enjoy too, starting with this mish-mash of a masterpiece below from Mr Kendrick Lamar on The Colbert Report.

This 7 minute epic melds the key tracks from 2015’s¬†To Pimp A Butterfly¬†together with a full live band who graciously guide Kendrick through with glossy instrumentation, sweet grooves and complex rhythms. ‘Wesley’s Theory’ gets a nifty spoken word intro which later seeps into ‘Momma’ delivered with off-kilter stop/start pauses – dropping in when you least expect it. We also get a roaring ‘King Kunta’ ending off with a swampy version of ‘u’ which sounds even more intense in the moment of a live performance. Kendrick said he studied James Brown through Suga Free, if this influence makes itself known anywhere it’s right here with Kendrick screaming at the audience as ‘u’ filters out. Kendrick hasn’t featured a lot of TPAB songs in his regular set and this proves why – the tunes come alive with live instrumentation allowing those jazz and funk juices to flow naturally. Check it out below…

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