Moonshake XI: Time

Moonshake XI: Time (Part I): Whether it’s tick-tocking or beepadeebeeping time is always trudging alongside us through our days on this strange rotating sphere we call earth. Sean, Rich, Ryan and Aaron discuss this spinning perplexity in the only way they know best – through music. Tune in to hear songs which tackle the mysticism of time, a stunning fact from Stephen Hawking and a very creepy tune from Father John Misty.

Part II on Tuesday. Do tune in right here:

Picking up from where they left off Sean, Richard, Ryan and Aaron continue their chatter on the tick tock, discuss the new Rihanna album, Iggy Pop’s new album and the battle between the streaming service giants. Do tune in…

Moonshake X: Learning

Moonshake X: Learning (Part 1): Sean, Richard and Ryan are joined this week by their ex-teacher Mr ‘Hewi’ Hewison to discuss the art of learning through music. We also touch down on the new Kanye West and Kendrick collab, how Johnny Borrell taught Richard how to sing live and why mahogany is more flame resistant than wicker. Do tune in.

In this second slice of audible pie Sean, Rich, Ryan and ex-teacher Matt ‘Hewi’ Hewison carry on their teachings. We discuss Syria, not politically but musically. We chatter about the Eagles’ Glenn Frey and how Ryan discovered music exists beyond 1993. Do tune in…

Moonshake IX: Starman (1947-2016)

Moonshake are bringing you a Bowie special this week, Sean and Richard bring their favorite Bowie tunes to this hour and a half tribute to the Starman, and are joined by special guest Chantelle Anoff. Find out how he met Marc Bolan, the secret inspiration behind Life on Mars? and where he got the name Ziggy Stardust from. We discuss his whole career from the debut album in 1967 to the genius way he left this world behind in Blackstar. Do tune in below…

Moonshake IX: Starman (1947 – 2016) by Moonshakemusic on Mixcloud

Moonshake Episode VIII: 2016 Man!

The first Moonshake show of 2016 is live! Sean, Rich, Ryan and special guest Aaron chin wag over the hopes, dreams and new album releases of 2016. Aaron needs a new hairstyle, Richard gets some interview tips from¬†Father John Misty¬†and Ryan has a secret about Batman…all between fantastic tunes of course. Do tune in below.

There are a few nods to the Starman in here, but do be sure to tune back in next week for a complete Bowie special! You can find Episodes I-VII here.

Moonshake Episode VIII – 2016 Man! by Moonshakemusic on Mixcloud