The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come To Expect

The Last Shadow Puppets started as an experiment which became critically lauded, mercury nominated and celebrated all the way back in 2008. Alex Turner had two albums under his belt with Arctic Monkeys whilst Miles Kane hadn’t even released his debut album with The Rascals yet. Now in 2016 with their second LP Everything You’ve Come To Expect things are very different, Turner has fronted the biggest band in Britain for a further 3 successful albums – the last of which became an instant classic, whilst Kane has released 2 strong solo albums and has developed his own fan base as a solo outfit. So how do these factors reflect on this album? Where do we find the twosome this time? In Malibu at Rick Rubin’s Shangri-La studios of course with James Ford twiddling knobs and Owen Pallett orchestrating the string arrangements. A promising set up but what’s the outcome?

OneTwoWeekly#1 Kendrick Lamar – TPAB Medley

“My biggest pain in life is that I’ll never get to see myself perform live” – Kanye West

Welcome to the new OneTwoWeekly feature! We’re going to be uploading our favorite live performances for y’all to enjoy too, starting with this mish-mash of a masterpiece below from Mr Kendrick Lamar on The Colbert Report.

This 7 minute epic melds the key tracks from 2015’s To Pimp A Butterfly together with a full live band who graciously guide Kendrick through with glossy instrumentation, sweet grooves and complex rhythms. ‘Wesley’s Theory’ gets a nifty spoken word intro which later seeps into ‘Momma’ delivered with off-kilter stop/start pauses – dropping in when you least expect it. We also get a roaring ‘King Kunta’ ending off with a swampy version of ‘u’ which sounds even more intense in the moment of a live performance. Kendrick said he studied James Brown through Suga Free, if this influence makes itself known anywhere it’s right here with Kendrick screaming at the audience as ‘u’ filters out. Kendrick hasn’t featured a lot of TPAB songs in his regular set and this proves why – the tunes come alive with live instrumentation allowing those jazz and funk juices to flow naturally. Check it out below…

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Has Kanye West proved Da Vinci wrong?

Has Kanye 2s

Leonardo Da Vinci once quipped “Art is never finished, only abandoned” but has Kanye West’s latest LP and the internet age helped defy that?

The digital cogs of an album release can be generated from a laptop in your PJs rather than going through the traditional means of shipping, manufacturing and distribution. With this, of course the game has changed. Surprise releases have become the norm proceeding to artists of a certain caliber. So no doubt Kanye West’s received that same ‘out of the blue’ treatment. However, the pushing, the pulling, the teasing, the constant fixing in its wake has just got irritating.

For somebody who labelled the new effort as “the best album of all time”, before going on to change it several times doesn’t suggest there’s the certainty within him which a statement such as this requires to deliver convincingly. With Kanye it’s a constant contradiction. It’s a wonder how he ever settled on baby names – which could of done with a little more editing.

Moonshake XI: Time

Moonshake XI: Time (Part I): Whether it’s tick-tocking or beepadeebeeping time is always trudging alongside us through our days on this strange rotating sphere we call earth. Sean, Rich, Ryan and Aaron discuss this spinning perplexity in the only way they know best – through music. Tune in to hear songs which tackle the mysticism of time, a stunning fact from Stephen Hawking and a very creepy tune from Father John Misty.

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Moonshake X: Learning

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