I’d be lying if I said the reason for beginning Moonshake was for anything other than the excuse to make an extremely successful line of merchandise later on: T-shirts, bandanas and of course the inevitable ‘Moonshaker’; an instrument which when rattled will ring out like a choir of Klangers. As my Alibi up to that point, I will be providing visitors (a.k.a lovely you) with all things music including reviews, articles, news stories, songwriting, playlists, lyricscapes and more.

I love all genres of music from the old to the brand-spanking new which my shuffle button can vouch for. I spend pretty much all day with music beaming into my eardrums, my Sennheiser headphones perpetually wrap my skull whenever I am outside of the house, at home I’ll always have the radio playing or a record whirling, even in the shower I’ll pop a portable speaker just outside the condensated doors. If ever I am plagued with dreadful silence, I’ll simply select from the jukebox of my mind, I wouldn’t call it an obsession, more of an (think up and insert plausible reason here).

Something which also plucks at the strings on my fascination lyre is songwriting itself, having had a pop at it myself here and there I want to be able to collaborate more so, and hopefully this site will act as a means to reach out to you lovely people, whether you’re musicians, writers or you’ve just got some crazy ideas. In time I hope to set up writing projects which will allow us to come together, get creative and make some great things.  

So please, don’t be shy, come in, have a chat, snoop around…

Oh yeah, my name’s Sean by the way, Sean Kerwick. You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook.


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